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The AFG Experience



So you worked hard all your life and you were able to put away some money. Now what? You could call one of those "big box store selling machine" investment firms for advice. Or, you could call Artesian Financial Group. If you do call us, your experience will be relaxed and personal. Our office is located on historic Third Avenue in Albany, Georgia. The beautifully landscaped old building was constructed in 1938 as a private residence on what was then the outskirts of town. Walking into our office feels more like walking into our home. We meet with our clients in what was once the dining room of the residence. Immediately you will feel at ease as we get to know each other. Then we will listen carefully to understand your hopes, dreams and future plans. We will share our experience and knowledge with you about retirement income investing and investment solutions for your specific needs. You will learn much from us when we share our retirement income investing insight.  We will close our initial meeting by agreeing to meet again to discuss specific investment options tailored to your situation. You will walk away from our office with an assurance that you made the right choice by calling us. You will know that you are well on your way to finding the right investment strategy to help you realize your post-working year dreams.