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It has often been said that, "There is no substitute for experience."  These days there could be no truer statement especially when it comes to professional investment guidance!  Bo Johnson has been in the securities/financial services business here in Albany, Georgia for over three decades.  He has lived through and witnessed first hand the massive changes and developments that have occurred in markets and investments over this extraordinary time period.  

Bo grew up in Albany after his family moved to Albany in 1965.  In Albany, Bo attended Sherwood Elementary School, McIntosh Jr. High School and then graduated from Deerfield High School in 1976.  Bo was an accomplished athlete at Deerfield High in several sports.  He received the annual Athlete of the Year award his senior year and has since been inducted into the Deerfield-Windsor Athletic Hall of Fame.  

Bo earned a bachelor's degree in business management from Presbyterian College (PC) in 1980.  PC is located in Clinton, South Carolina.  He was a member of both the football and track teams at Presbyterian.  After graduation from PC, Bo spent one year with First State Bank and Trust of Albany in the local bank's management training program.  After a year in banking, Bo decided to pursue a sales position opportunity in the restaurant equipment business with Medley Hotel and Restaurant Supply of Albany.  Bo enjoyed his five years with Medley, but he desired to find a way back into the financial services business in 1986.  Bo interviewed with Merrill Lynch in 1986 and was hired by the local Merrill Lynch manager, George Riles, as a financial advisor. After extensive training his first year at Merrill Lynch, Bo embarked upon what would be a seventeen year stay with the legendary brokerage firm.  During the decade of the nineties, technology advances and the emergence of the internet changed the way financial services firms would operate forever. These changes also created opportunities for successful financial advisors to become independent financial advisor business owners.  Bo decided in 2002 to leave the employment of the large brokerage firm to form his own financial services practice. Artesian Financial Group, Inc was founded in the summer of 2002.  Bo opened his office at that time in its current location on West Third Avenue in Albany. 

A word about Bo's experience over the last three decades in financial services: It's hard to take what has occurred over the past 30 plus years in the financial markets and put it into context.  When Bo started his career with Merrill Lynch in the mid 1980s, the choice of investment options was fairly short and simple. Portfolios consisted mostly of stocks, bonds and mutual funds which were all positioned and managed by the financial advisor.  Stock information was transmitted to the advisor over very basic early computer terminals called "Quotrons".  Loud, mechanical stock "ticker tape" machines were still scrolling stock prices along the walls of most brokerage offices.  Bo was there back in those days managing portfolios for clients and learning all the fundamental skills necessary to build portfolios with the most basic of tools.  As the years progressed so did the technology.  However, technology began to not only change the way advisors serviced client's accounts, technology also changed investments!  Investments became more complex and volatile. The more complex the technology, the more complex some investments have become.  Over time, some investments were created that were so complex, fewer and fewer professionals fully understood how these investments actually worked.  Some institutional investments were financial "creations" which may have helped cause the financial markets to fluctuate enormously between 2007 and 2009. Bo Johnson has attained the expertise, knowledge and experience over the years to guide clients through today's maze of "high tech" investments. Yes, some investments are still complex, but that does not mean that they are bad investments. In fact, some of the most innovative and useful investments for retirement have emerged from these tremendous advancements in technology. Because of advancements in technology, insurance firms that sell investments have been able to combine asset management, insurance and income guarantees into investment products specifically designed for retirement income. Yes, over the past 30 plus years Bo has seen many, many changes. Going forward, there is one thing for certain, if Bo doesn't completely understand exactly how an investment works, you can be assured he will not use it in his client's accounts!  After all, "There is no substitute for experience"! 

Date of Birth: April 1 st , 1958

Securities Licenses held:

Series 9 and 10 - General Securities Sales Supervision/Registered Principal

Series 7 - General Securities/Registered Representative

Series 65 - Registered Investment Advisor

Series 31 - NFA Managed Futures